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In this column we are noting some of the innovations done by Burdwan diesel shed.

Boron Treatment Plant

 Indion 1344 is being used in engine cooling water as corrosion inhibitors. It contains Boron, which is not an environment friendly product. As per pollution control Board (CPCB) the limit for Boron discharge is 02mg/litre max. as per RDSO Report No MP.Misc-184, Dec’2006. A boron treatment plant has been install at Effluent Treatment Plant to remove the Boron in discharge water and to create pollution free nature.It is first of its kind over Eastern Railway.

Date of commission – 02.04.07.

Pre Lubrication arrangement for Cam Gears

In view to avoid initial dry run of cam gears and split gear at the time of cranking, Diesel loco Shed, Burdwan has developed a pre-lubrication arrangement on loco No. 16414 WDM2 by providing a pre-lubricating pump near L7 & L8 sump doors of power assembly. This pump is driven  by DC Fuel pump motor, which has gone spare due to conversion of DC Fuel pump motor to AC Fuel pump motor. The pre-lubricating feature is introduced in the starting circuit. In this system Pre- lubrication pump draws lube oil from engine sump and lubricates both side cam gear and split gear for 40 seconds, then only permits the engine to crank.

Wheel and Cattle gaurd stand


A Wheel & cattle guard stand has been fabricated by out side agency using Railway material for keeping more wheel & cattle guard in small place. This will  ensure proper utilization of space.


Our Shed

Here is a picture of our shed


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